Females and Horse Racing: An step forward Overview

Horse racing is an equestrian act sport, it involves two or more horses and jockeys for certain distance competition. There are multiple betting sources available but melbourne cup betting offers are considered best and it has several promotions as well.

Females are making impact in every walk of life. Horse riding is getting popularity in recent decades. There are many females jockeys who were able to make history in horse riding. This article will highlights historically important events in horse racing for female jockeys.


Horse racing was conquered by men and they played different roles including jockeys, trainers, administrators and strappers. 1979 is marked as first stone of female jockey’s history and females got license to compete counter to men in professional races. Now a days, around 30% of total jockeys are women. Females are heading meetings and events. Australian horse racing is getting dominate by female jockeys. This increment is opening huge number of good opportunities for female jockeys in this field.

There is big question of safety highlighted by the death of two female jockeys. It is also publish in recent studies that nine out of ten jockeys death, were females. Horse Racing Council needs to introduce new regulations to make this sport more safe and reliable for females. 


Additionally, masculine’s culture will be hard shift in sports. There are many incidents of significant bias against female, irrespective if their extraordinary enactment.


It have been highlighted in recent research that there is persistent gender discriminations which is played out in a very unfortunate comments about female jockeys' physical advent, or annoying fleshly advances. Men and women are playing against each other likewise and equal pay is basis for festivity, women's earning prospective is often constrained because they incline to ride low-grade horses in inferior races. As American jockey Erica Murray put it: "To stay alive, you have to have your mouth closed." Job prospect is going up and down for different opportunities within horse racing field for men and women. Women are making really good progress as trainers but group 1 racing prospects are mostly for men.