Hollie Doyle: Hollie has Racing in her Blood

No doubt; Hollie born in horse racing family and her father (James Doyle) rode on the Flat and mother rode for Arab racing. Her father was most retained rider of Godolphin Racing in the UK. She is grand-daughter of Jacqueline Doyle that is why it would not 

be wrong to say that Hollie has racing in her Blood.

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Hollie is just 23 year old. She is successful to put, old stereotype about female jockey, to bed. She is so excited to bring this change in the horse racing game. She has set the record of highest win in any calendar year for female jockey and she has 92 wins so far in 2019. Horse racing is dangerous game for females. Hollie has got a lot of bruises and falls but she is very optimistic about her career in the game. She considered it as part of game and fear won’t stop her. She got different bone injuries so far. She is bit worried about her head injury. Sometime, she looks fine physically and has been going through head pain due to head injury for long times. It was really frustrating and stressed time of rest. She was missing races at the time of rest after head injury. She also lost her teeth due to opponent’s kick during a game.


Physical injuries hurt her more mentally than physically. She used to have nightmares about losing races. It took a while to recover and she is performing amazingly in 2019.


There have been many moments of low energy level, Hollie’s passion for sport allow her to carry on and achieve the best in life. “When you have massive adrenaline then it’s not really hard to see how you get energy from your own body” Hollie said. She also explained that sport person should has positive and optimistic approach and they should try to find opportunities in any challenge. She has been experiencing love of being a sport women and enjoys the horse racing.


She wants to keep on riding and improving. She has goal of QIPCO British Champions Day. It is great pleasure to be walled by horses and jockeys. She has final destination of wining first group winner in a year or two.