Yarmarie Correa

Yarmarie Correa is an apprentice rider currently riding at Thistledown. Here is a chat I recently had with her:


FOTH: Where were you born?

YC: I was born in Panama.


FOTH: What were you like as a young girl?

YC: I liked to ride horses, play sports, go to movie theaters, and go to the beach.


FOTH: Did you like horses as a young girl?

YC: Yeah, but I never have the opportunity to do every day.


FOTH: Your thoughts on the first time you saw a horse race?

YC: Looked to be fun, and there was much adrenaline.


FOTH: When did you know you wanted to become a jockey?

YC: At the age of 24, I want to do something that I really liked.


FOTH: What was it like getting up on a horse for the 1st time?

YC: It was so emotional and impressive because I never got up on a racing horse.


FOTH: Who helped teach you how to ride?

YC: It was a Teacher in the Laffit Pincay Jr. Jockey school of Panama, the name of the teacher is Pablo Guevara an ex-jockey.


FOTH: How long did you gallop horses for before you became a jockey?

YC: Like 1 year and 10 months.


FOTH: Tell me about your first race and what track was it at?

YC: My first race was incredible, I was very nervous on the gate but was great ride, that day arrive 4th, the name of the horse it’s “GARRIK” and was in Panama in Hiplpodromo Presidente Remon.


FOTH: Tell me about your first win and how exciting was it for you to go into the winner’s circle?

YC: It was soooo exciting because it was the first race I won. So many emotion and was so incredible I feel so happy and excited, the name of the fillie was “IVIZ”.


FOTH: What track was your first win at?

YC: The same as my first race, Hipodromo Presidente Remon in Panama.


FOTH: Did the jockey’s get you with water, powder, etc after the race?

YC: Yes they did and very good hehehe.


FOTH: Have you ridden at any other racetracks besides Thistledown?

YC: Yeah, I started in Mahoning Valley Race Course in Youngstown Ohio, and then I went to Turfway Park. I have also rode at Mountaineer Racetrack too.


FOTH: Tell me a little bit about Thistledowns.

YC: It’s a good track to learn, I feel good here, but obviously I want to go to another track.


FOTH: What is a typical day like for you?

YC: I work horses in the morning, then I go for a run in the gym, then off to the racetrack for the races, eat and finally I go to the gym again.


FOTH: Now these days what are some things you like to do away from the track?

YC: Going to a movie theater, the beach and watching movies.


FOTH: Are there any other female riders at Thistledowns?

YC: Yes, they are 3 others, Chelsey Kaiser, Ashley Kauffman and Jane Magrell.


FOTH: You probably will have over 75 wins when this gets published in your first year of riding. Are you riding in a lot of races?

YC: Yeah, I ride a lot, you can see that in Equibase.


FOTH: How long would you like to ride for?

YC: Like 15 years.


FOTH: Any advice for a young girl who would want to become a jockey?

YC: If they have a dream believe in yourself and do it, the dream can come true.


FOTH: Yarmarie, thumbs up for doing this interview. Any last words?

YC: I’m just want to say, keep an eyes on my races and I’m going to work hard to do the things good and thanks you so much for the interview. One last thing, I understand your nickname is “footboy”, well keep on kissing those female feet for me ok lol.