Spending time on Florida's beaches

If you come to Florida for a horse show, chances are you will also want to explore a little of the area, and relax on some of the great beaches. Clearwater Beach is not only known as one of the best in Florida, but one of the finest in the whole of America. Beach-front hotels look out upon a broad, sandy shoreline that spreads out along a three mile stretch of beach. This is located on the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast and the beach actually runs between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. While here, visitors can sunbathe to their heart's content as well as take part in more active past-times such as beach volleyball or even parasailing. Fishing boats can be rented and dolphin-watching cruises are available, meaning that you will never be bored on Clearwater Beach.

For those who like to party, South Beach is a great place to hang out and let your hair down. There is non-stop night-life and sandy shores, making for a fantastic place to socialise and dance the night away. After spending an evening here, you may need to relax the next day over a quiet game of FoxyBingo, but it will have been well worth it. There is also a lot of great architecture along the man-made beach and from here, you can get a great view of the lights of the city at night. The beach stretches along the Atlantic for miles and people have been known to sunbathe topless or go for runs along it in the early mornings. This is great if you want to get some fresh air at the start of the day before it becomes too hot to exercise pleasantly and too crowded to run along the beach with ease.

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